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Blog Volunteer Spotlight – Eileen Poeter

Photo of Eileen Poeter

This week’s highlight is on Dr. Eileen Poeter, an Emeritus Professor of Geological Engineering at Colorado School of Mines, where she taught groundwater courses and advised many students. 

Dr. Poeter has been a member of the Groundwater Project Board of Directors since its inception. She brings unparalleled dedication to the project where she works daily with Groundwater Project Staff as an editor, website manager, and project resource. Eileen is responsible for reviewing every Groundwater Project book prior to publication. With a keen eye for detail and the ability to see the topic from a learner’s perspective, she brings invaluable insights to all published books. Eileen was the lead author on the very first Groundwater Project publication: Groundwater in Our Water Cycle which explores the relationship between groundwater reservoirs around the world and the hydrologic cycle, as well as an author of the book Hydrogeologic Properties of Earth Materials and Principles of Groundwater Flow, Graphical Construction of Groundwater Flow Nets and An Introduction to Hydraulic Testing in Hydrogeology: Basic Pumping, Slug, and Packer Methods these books provide deep insights into the function, construction, and principles of groundwater. She is currently writing other Groundwater Project books particularly designed for first year study of groundwater modeling, water chemistry, and contaminant transport. 

A Bit of Background

Dr. Poeter has a wide variety of work experiences under her belt, including running a geophysical logging operation, working as a hydrogeological engineer for Golder Associates, starting her own hydrogeological consulting company in 1984, working as a professor at Washington State University, and finally as a professor at the Colorado School of Mines in 1987, where she was the Past Director of the Integrated Groundwater Modeling Center and is now Emeritus. She has over 40 years of experience and has consulted and worked with many different sectors within the environmental industry including attorneys, engineering companies, government agencies, research labs, as well as citizen groups.

Dr. Poeter’s work mainly focuses on groundwater modeling projects including: aquifer storage and recovery; slurry wall performance; drainage of proposed nuclear power plant facilities; regional groundwater management; large‑scale regional pumping; dam seepage; contaminant migration; impacts of dewatering; and stream‑aquifer interaction. 


We are very thankful for Dr. Poeter’s exceptional contributions to the GWP and the entire hydrogeology community. 

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