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Don't miss out: GWP at the IAH-ABAS-ALHSUD 2020 Congress

Don't miss out: GWP at the IAH-ABAS-ALHSUD 2020 Congress

IAH Brazil Invitation Message:


From John Cherry, 

Chair of the Steering Committee of The Groundwater Project
and President of Honor of the IAH 2020 Scientific Committee:


Dear GWP participants/colleagues:

This message is to invite you to the 2020 IAH Congress in São Paulo, Brazil, September20-25th, 2020, to participate in meetings aimed at advancing The Groundwater Project with its ebooks (GWP). The GWP will complete its first major milestone by August 2020 by which time the first set of a dozen or more chapters will be published on the GWP website. This will launch the GWP into its service to the groundwater environment and humanity. Many more chapters will be published in the remainder of the year and more than fifty more are in preparation for 2021. 

The IAH Congress in Brazil will be important for the future of the GWP. There will be sessions in the Congress focused on GWP topics and the GWP will have a booth attended by myself and others deeply engaged in the GWP so that we can better engage in a dialog with Congress attendees to sharpen the vision for the GWP and strengthen the international participation in the strong spirit of volunteerism shown by the hydrogeologic community. Although the GWP is soon to reach this major milestone of publishing the first set of chapters on its website, the vision is expansive and will take many years to reach maturity. The stage is being set for greatly expanded participation and there are many ways to participate such as:

  • co-authoring chapters 
  • reviewing or editing chapters 
  • production of graphics
  • translations from English to other language
  • preparation of educational modules and videos
  • project management 
  • literature reviews

The Brazil IAH Congress will be the first major international gathering to include abundant opportunities for dialog and input to GWP plans. Strong participation of the IAH community is critical to the success of the GWP. The Brazil IAH Congress is shaping up to be the largest and most diverse IAH Congress ever and the GWP is fortunate to have this opportunity to participate.

The GWP is currently focused on the preparation of chapters that provide synthesized knowledge written by experts for ‘all things groundwater’ and relations of the groundwater environment to surface waters, landscape and ecology and more. The focus is on synthesis of knowledge to make the knowledge understandable to the widest possible range of readers. Soon once the amount of synthesized knowledge is substantial the GWP will turn its attention to fostering organization of the synthesized materials into forms most suitable for various types of courses at different levels and, for this, there is need for engagement of the broader teaching community in hydrogeology. The possibility of translation into many languages and further publication and free distribution on the GWP website will greatly help the community spirit of the participants. The Brazil IAH Congress will have opportunities for dialog on this realm of the GWP. 

I will attend the IAH Congress as will two other members of the GWP Board of Directors, Dr. Everton de Oliveira from Brazil, who is the President of the Congress, and Dr. Eileen Poeter from the United States and we look forward to meeting you and have dialogs about the GWP in São Paulo in September.

John Cherry



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