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Wally & Deanna's Groundwater Adventure... to the Saturated zone

Cover of the book Wally and Deanna's Groundwater Adventure... to the Unsaturated Zone

Publication year: 1993
Number of pages: 28
ISBN: 0-9697833-0-2

Spanish translation
ISBN: 978-0-9780993-4-3

Greek translation
ISBN: 978-0-9780993-5-0

Chinese translation
ISBN: 978-0-9780993-6-7

French translation
ISBN: 978-0-9780993-7-4

Indonesian translation
ISBN: 978-0-9780993-8-1

Hausa translation
ISBN: 978-1-7778409-0-7

Hungarian translation
ISBN: 978-0-9780993-9-8

Afrikaans translation
ISBN: 978-1-7778409-3-8

Urdu translation
ISBN 978-0-9780993-5-0

Leanne Appleby (story)
Peter Russell (story)
Fortunato Restagno (illustrations & book design)

A great book to teach kids about the water cycle and groundwater.

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Ebook produced in collaboration with the Earth Science Museum

Spanish translation by Luis Camilo Suescún

Greek translation by Ειρήνη Νταγκουνάκη

Chinese translation by YingYing Liu

French translation by Paisley Worthington

Indonesian translation by Azwar S. Muhammad

Hausa translation by Aminu Ibrahim

Hungarian translation by Judit Déri-Takács

Afrikaans translation by Fanus Fourie

Urdu translation by Muqaddas Tariq