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Volunteer Spotlight – Dr. Kamini Singha

Dr. Kamini SinghaThis week’s spotlight is on Dr. Kamini Singha, a distinguished volunteer and contributor to The Groundwater Project. As a renowned professor and researcher in the field, Kamini dedicates time in her busy schedule as a professor to contribute to the Groundwater Project as an author. Her book, Electrical Imaging for Hydrogeology focuses on the significant role of Electrical Imaging in the context of Hydrogeology practices within the professional field. We also look forward to her book Self Potential for Hydrogeologists.


Dr. Singha obtained her B.Sc. degree with Honors in Geophysics from the Department of Geology and Geophysics at the University of Connecticut in 1999. She then went on to complete her Ph.D. in Hydrogeology from the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences at Stanford University in 2005. Her research interests are in fluid flow and solute transport in porous media and fractured rock, groundwater-surface-water interactions and geophysical imaging. She was then hired as an assistant professor in the Geosciences Department at Penn State in 2005. 

In 2012, she moved as an associate professor of Geology and Geological Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado, USA, where she currently serves as the associate dean of Earth and Society Programs starting in 2020.

Throughout her career as a Professor at the Colorado School of Mines, she has garnered many titles and awards in recognition of her many contributions to the field of hydrogeology. In 2018 she was named a fellow at the Geological Society of America. 

Further Work

The Groundwater Project would like to further highlight some other work Dr. Singha has done on the topic of groundwater and hydrogeology. Please see below for some of her other review publications:

Dr. Singha’s unique experiences and proficient exploration of groundwater and hydrogeology have greatly contributed to the works of The Groundwater Project, and we greatly appreciate her contribution to the cause.

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