The Groundwater Project

Analysis and Evaluation of Pumping Test Data

Second Edition (Completely Revised)

Book cover analysis and evaluation of pumping test data
Publication year: 2000
Number of pages: 377

ISBN: 90 70754 207


G.P. Kruseman
N.A. de Ridder
J.M. Verweij

A GW-Project preserved book

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Kruseman and de Ridder first published this book in 1970 and it was reprinted many times thereafter, with a completely revised second edition published in 1991. The GW-Project has received permission from Wageningen University & Research (WUR) to include this publication on the GW-Project website, and WUR has been so kind to provide an electronic copy of the book. The book provides thorough coverage of basic information including the topics of: aquifer types; hydraulic properties; types of flow equations; the character of wells; the nature of pumping tests; conducting a pumping test; methods of analyzing pumping test data; conversion of units; steady-state flow in confined aquifers; transient flow in confined aquifers; steady and transient flow in unconfined aquifers; steady-state flow in semi-confined aquifers; delayed yield during transient flow in unconfined aquifers and in semi-confined aquifers; testing in aquifers that limited by one or more boundaries; wedge-shaped aquifers; sloping aquifers; anisotropic aquifers; aquifers pumped at a variable discharge rate; partially penetrated aquifers; aquifers pumped by a large diameter well; testing of multilayered aquifers; approximation methods; free flowing wells; corrections for external influences; analyzing recovery data; step-drawdown tests; single-well tests; slug tests; and testing of fractured aquifers, (uniform fractures, single fractures, as well as dikes).