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Welcome and thank you for registering with the Groundwater Project (the “GW-PROJECT”), a non-profit organization registered in Canada. The GW-PROJECT operates through their website, GW-PROJECT.ORG. We are committed to contribute to advancement in education by creating and making available free online, high-quality groundwater educational material for all. On our website you will find books and related materials free for downloading. The GW-PROJECT has been made possible through countless hours of volunteer work and will continue to rely on volunteers in the many years to come. We make groundwater information accessible to everyone, free of charge, for people to download wherever the Internet is available. In order for us to be effective as a provider of free groundwater educational material we need to set some basic rules as explained in this Terms of Use.


The “Work”, “Product” or “Products” or “Material” means items that are published on the GW-PROJECT website (, and includes, but is not limited to: books, software, videos, modules, learning tools, presentations, notes, assignments, images, artwork, and the content of our website.

In this Terms of Use, “we” and “our” refer to the GW-PROJECT and “User” and “Users” refer to the individuals registered at our website and who intend to download, or have downloaded, one or more Products. “Non-registered Users” are individuals who have obtained access to our Products through channels other than our website; a Non-registered User is not authorized to use the products.


1.1        By registering on our website the User acknowledges having read, understood, and agreed to the Terms of Use.

1.2        Registration on our website is free-of-charge and the registration can be terminated anytime by sending an email to:

1.3        The GW-PROJECT keeps Users’ information strictly confidential and will not share such information with others outside the GW-PROJECT.

1.4        In case the User does not want to receive emails from the GW-PROJECT, the User should indicate this in an email to:

1.5        The authors of the Work have granted the GW-Project the exclusive right to distribute the Work through GW-PROJECT’s website,

1.6        The User indemnifies the GW-PROJECT from any dispute and damage (structural and/or physical) that arises from using our Products or website.

1.7        The GW-PROJECT reserves the right to remove a User from registration if it is demonstrated that the User is in breach of the Terms of Use.


2.1        All our Products are protected by copyright. The User shall not do anything that would infringe that copyright.


3.1        The User is allowed to download Products available at our website.

3.2        All our Products are intended only for personal use, study, research, instruction, education and/or information; no reselling or other for-profit use of the Products is permitted.

3.3        Public and commercial educational institutions are encouraged to use the Materials as long as all instructors and attendees register with the GW-PROJECT and obtain the materials directly from our website.

3.4        Translation of the Work is allowed by collaborating with us and the author of the Work, obtaining our written permission prior to carrying out the translation, and having the translation available exclusively on our website.


4.1        Commercial distribution such as selling of the Products or providing them for downloading, in their entirety or in part.

4.2        Reproducing and/or distributing our Products for personal or commercial financial gain.

4.3        Distributing our Products without written permission from the GW-PROJECT.

4.4        Tampering with or editing of the Products.

4.5        Posting or uploading any of our Products on public domain repositories, shared servers / repositories, websites, or social media outlets without our written permission.

4.6        Any illegal or unethical (as determined solely by GW-PROJECT) activities involving our Products.

4.7        Tampering with our website as prohibited under International Internet Law.

For more information about permissions, contact: