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Download the best DNAPL book

Cover of the book Dense Chlorinated Solvents and other DNAPLs in Groundwater

The Groundwater Project (GW-Project) is a large international project to produce a series of electronic books to be available globally for free-of-charge downloading. Books are produced in English first and translated soon after into several other languages. The Groundwater Project will serve the needs of groundwater teaching and education in many ways.

The most recent release is the DNAPL book (1996) by Dr. James Pankow and the 2020 Stockholm Prize Winner Dr. John Cherry. The book presents a comprehensive understanding of the behavior of dense chlorinated solvents and other DNAPLs in groundwater systems.

Besides that, the GW-Project website has invited anyone interested across the globe to offer to participate, who has an excellent book, old or new in any language about groundwater, that may benefit the global readership to submit it to the GW-P for consideration for publication.

The GW-Project is volunteer-based, and you can collaborate in the dissemination, distribution, and mainly in the TRANSLATION TO YOUR MOTHER LANGUAGE!

Access the website, sign up, tell us that you would like to be a volunteer and we will contact you.