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1st Groundwater Project Event: suggest a name!

The first ever Groundwater Project Event will be 100% online between the 3rd and 26th of February 2021. A series of meetings and discussions will be promoted, addressing relevant and innovative themes presented by the best references in hydrogeology in the world.

We want your help in choosing a great name for our historical event! Register now and suggest a name for a chance to win:

The event will be broadcasted on the Groundwater Project YouTube channel and you will be able to interact with the speakers through the live chat. All presentations will be broadcasted in English or with English subtitles.

Our meeting aims to involve the largest global groundwater community in the world! Through our panels and discussions we will build relationships, share experiences, engage people and learn about groundwater!

Join us and tell all of your colleagues about it. Let’s share groundwater education around the globe!

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