The Groundwater Project

End-of-Year Update from the Groundwater Project Team

As the 2023 year comes to an end, we at the Groundwater Project would like to share with you what we’ve accomplished over this last year with 15 books published, a further 32 books in our review process, and an additional 150 books underway. We’re pleased to add that 137 translations are in progress—into 47 languages with 58 translations published to date. To date, over 200,000 copies of our books have been downloaded in 174 countries. We began measuring online reads in August of 2022 and have recorded over 500,000 since that time. We can see the global impact we’re having in these numbers and through our global communications.


We’ll hit an important milestone in the New Year with 50 books published since August of 2020

when we began the Project. We plan to expand in 2024 by preparing interactive educational

modules designed to support learning associated with each of our books. We thank Mercer

University for their partnership with the Project in preparing the first set of modules.

None of this would be possible without the support of our 1,000 volunteers (authors, reviewers,

translators) and each of our sponsors. We thank you all for supporting our vision and making

our goal to democratize groundwater knowledge possible. we encourage you to read our fabulous books that are freely available to download from the Project website https://gw- Our most recent publications from 2023 are:


  1. Fractures and Faults in Sandstone and Sandstone-Shale/Mudstone Sequences and Their Impact on Groundwater. A. Aydin, R. Ahmadov, M. Antonellini, J. Cherry, A. Cilona, E. Flodin, G. de Joussineau, B. Parker, & J. Zhong (January 2023)

  2. Groundwater in Peat and Peatlands. J. Price, C. McCarter, & B. Quinton (February 2023)

  3. Structural Geology Applied to Fractured Aquifer Characterization. A. J. Fernandes, A. Rouleau, & E. do Amaral Vargas Junior (April 2023)

  4. Groundwater Quality and Examples of Risk Procedures. E. McBean (June 2023)

  5. Groundwater and Hydrothermal Ore Deposits. M. Appold & G. Garven (July 2023)

  6. Colloid (Nano- and Micro-Particle) Transport and Surface Interaction in Groundwater. W. Johnson & E. Pazmino (August 2023)

  7. Groundwater and Petroleum. Y. Kharaka, B. Hitchon, & J. Hanor (August 2023)

  8. Urban Groundwater. K. Howard (September 2023)

  9. An Introduction to Hydraulic Testing in Hydrogeology: Basic Pumping, Slug, and Packer Methods. W. Woessner, A. C. Stringer, & E. Poeter (September 2023)

  10. Hydrogeology Glossary. J. Sharp (October 2023)

  11. Geophysical Logging for Hydrogeology. J. Williams & F. Paillet (November 2023)

  12. Getting Started with MODFLOW. R. Winston (November 2023)

  13. Introduction to the Mechanics of Flow and Transport for Groundwater Scientists. H. Klammler (November 2023)

  14. Biotic Transformations of Organic Contaminants. B. Rittman (December 2023)

  15. History and Hydraulics of Flowing Wells. J. Xiaowei & J. Cherry (Pending end of December 2023)


We wish you a very Happy Holiday and all the best in the New Year ahead and thank you for your continuous support.